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The Breeders Crown
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The Breeders Crown History 1984-2015
The Breeders Crown began in 1984, with a series of elimination and championship events
for 2 and 3-year-old pacers and trotters of both genders.
Breeders Crown:  31 Years of Statistics                                     CLICK HERE
Breeders Crown:  Leading Money Earnings-All Categories      CLICK HERE
Breeders Crown Drivers:  Leading Money Winners                  CLICK HERE
Breeders Crown Drivers: Horses driven, A-Z                             CLICK HERE
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Breeders Crown Stables/Trainers: by Starters, A-Z                   CLICK HERE 
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Breeders Crown Owners:  by Starters, A-Z                                CLICK HERE
Breeders Crown Owners:  Leading Money Winners                 CLICK HERE
Breeders Crown Breeders:  by Starters, A-Z                              CLICK HERE
Breeders Crown Breeders:  Top Breeders by Years                  CLICK HERE
Breeders Crown Breeders: Leading Money Winners                CLICK HERE
Breeders Crown Sires:  by Starters, A-Z                                    CLICK HERE
Breeders Crown Sires:  Leading Money Winning Foals             CLICK HERE
Breeders Crown Sires: Leading Money Winning Pacing Foals  CLICK HERE
Breeders Crown Sires: Leading Money Winning Trotting Foals CLICK HERE
Breeders Crown Dams:  by Starters                                          CLICK HERE
Breeders Crown Dams:  Leading Money Winning Foals            CLICK HERE
Breeders Crown Broodmare Sires:  by Starters                         CLICK HERE
Breeders Crown Broodmare Sires: Leading Money Winning Foals  CLICK HERE
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