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2015 Payment Forms:
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3-year-old Pacing Colt                       3-year-old Pacing Filly

2-year-old Pacing Colt                       2-year-old Pacing Filly

Yearling Stakes Form

OWNED: Freehold Racing Association
SPONSORED BY: American Racing-Gaming
SERVICED BY: The Hambletonian Society, Inc.
FOR: Foals of 2012
                             (new Venue)
TO BE RACED AS: Two races.
  • Cane Pace (Open): Saturday, August 8, 2015  
  • Shady Daisy: Saturday, August 8, 2015 

List of Eligibles:

Cane 2015 (3yr)

Note: For 2015, both the Cane Pace and the Shady Daisy will be raced, as provided herein, in a Top “N” format at the Meadowlands with the top ten (10) money winners in 2015 that enter will be drawn in (including any supplemental entries that qualify in that top ten). Two “Also Eligibles” and Consolation or Consolations may also be drawn in a manner consistent with the same criteria. If a horse that is entered does not draw in to the Race, or into a Consolation, all payments will be refunded to the owner of the horse at time of declaration, provided that the horses meets the current qualifying standards at the Track. The Track reserves the right to charge up to 2% of the Consolation purse as an entry fee.

Cane 2015 (3yr)
Cane 2017 (Yearling)

2015 Payments

Yearlings of 2015:
May 15: $25.00

2-Year-Olds of 2015:
March 15: Colts $400/Fillies $200

3-Year-Olds of 2015:
February 15: Colts $800/Fillies $400

2015 Entrance Fee: Colts $5,000/Fillies $2,000

Supplemental Declaration: Colts $35,000/Fillies $7,500

Filly Declaration for the Open: $5,600



Ticket info - call 800-555-1212